About the foundation

The vast majority of charities in the UK have under £400,000 annual income, but share less than 20% of the money that goes to the charity sector.

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We know that you find it especially difficult to fund your websites and other digital products, and we want to help you to do so.

It’s a crowded space, and a good digital presence can make all the difference to a small charity’s work, whether that’s campaigning for social justice, improving health and wellbeing, protecting the environment, or something else. 

We set up the Fat Beehive Foundation so that we could contribute a tangible benefit to these causes and are excited about supporting charities doing phenomenal work in areas we’re also passionate about. 

The Fat Beehive Foundation is an independent charity distinct from Fat Beehive Ltd. Fat Beehive Ltd provides operational support in terms of administration and office costs and provides the majority of funds for the grants. However, any donations by Fat Beehive Ltd to the Foundation do not carry obligations as to how the Foundation operates and where the money should be spent. These decisions are taken solely by the trustees of the Foundation.


The Foundation has supported 8 projects including Spark Inside, Rainbow Home, Pregnancy Sickness Support and the Harvey Hext Trust.

In addition, the Foundation Trustees identified a number of projects which Fat Beehive staff have been supported by other means, including volunteering their time to help charities improve donation practices, branding, UX, UI, SEO and content writing for digital.

The Foundation has received over 8oo applications for funding.

The total value of grants made so far is £19,730


The charity has seven Trustees who are also directors of the company. 

Fat Beehive

The Fat Beehive Foundation is made possible thanks to the work of Fat Beehive Ltd, a digital agency specialising in web design, branding and other delightful digital products for organisations committed to social good.

Fat Beehive was founded in 1997 specifically to do web stuff for organisations wanting to do more than just make a profit. The company now has over 80 charity and not-for-profit clients, including the  Human Dignity Trust, Greenpeace, FORWARD and The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust.

Setting up the Fat Beehive Foundation was a staff decision to extend the company’s core values of community and commitment to social good, by investing a portion of the agency’s profits into funding digital projects for small charities. The staff remain engaged with the Foundation’s work by providing a list of causes they would like to support to the trustees each year. They also have the chance to serve as a trustee.