Grant Recipients

We have been privileged to fund some incredible projects across the UK for organisations that work in prisoner rehabilitation, COVID community resilience and LGBTQ+ asylum support.


Spark Inside

The Fat Beehive Foundation were able to provide funding to Spark Inside a charity that helps young people in prison to have a purpose to strive towards upon release: a more attractive alternative to a return to crime. The grant has been used to develop a digital project to help rehabilitate young offenders in prison, who have been particularly isolated due to Covid-19.

Spark Inside Hero's Journey

The Caerphilly Miners Centre for the Community

The Foundation has provided funds towards a virtual climate change garden for the future, engaging with schools, environmental volunteers and helping to support the mental health and wellbeing of the community that has been hugely impacted by COVID-19.

Climate Change Garden for the Future

Rainbow Home

The trustees were delighted to support Rainbow Home who provide specialist support and assistance to help reduce the psychological isolation and inequalities experienced by LGBTQ+ asylum seekers and those who have leave to remain but are not yet settled in North East England. Rainbow Home is a lifeline in an unfamiliar country with an uncertain future ahead of them. They have never had an online presence and we’re excited to see their new website

Website coming soon

The Trustees also identified a number of projects that might be supported by other means. We are excited to announce that a number of Fat Beehive staff have volunteered their time to help with some of the digital projects, supporting these charities to improve donation practicesbrandingUX, UISEO and content writing for digital.