Grant conditions


In awarding grants, the Trustees will apply the following principles:

  1. Applications from any geographical area within the UK are eligible for consideration.
  2. All applications from previous recipients of grants or from previously unsuccessful applicants will be considered by the Trustees on their own merits.
  3. Although the Trustees will have regard to the outcome of the previous application, any new application will in no way receive preferential or adverse consideration.
  4. The Charity will not normally support applications from large charities i.e. those with an annual income in excess of £1 million or charities dedicated to issues deemed by the Trustees to be already well funded within the UK.
  5. The Charity will willingly fund partnerships with other organisations to fund initiatives beyond the financial scope of a single organisation.


  1. You must be a UK registered charity.
  2. You must be a small charity (income less than £1 million).
  3. You must have a clear, defined goal for their digital presence (fundraising, campaigning, providing information etc.)
  4. You must be able to commit to supporting the project with staff or volunteer time and resources.
  5. You must agree to include Funded by the Fat Beehive Foundation on any work funded, in part or full, by the Fat Beehive Foundation for three years from time project is publicly launched.
  6. Agree to commence work on the project within three months of being awarded a grant.
  7. The grant should not be used to solely cover core digital costs such as hosting and support, staff digital training or digital staff salaries.

Grant application process

  1. Applications are considered on a rolling basis
  2. All applications must be made via our online application process
  3. The grant can cover up to 100% of the website design and / project costs
  4. You will need to provide at least one quote as part of the application process, which will be assessed by our specialists, to ensure value for money and the realistic prospect of development.
  5. You will need to inform the Trustees of the names of those who are to be involved with the project/work to be carried out and the identity of the person(s) who will be responsible for the administration of the grant.
  6. Provide adequate information regarding the identity and financial status of the applicant and/or of the status of the person(s) who will carry out the project/work; Demonstrate that the recipient (whether an organisation or an individual) has and will be adequately insured.
  7. Agree to our Use of Funds Policy.
  8. Grants are not available to charities seeking to work with, or currently working with, Fat Beehive Ltd

Assessment process

  1. All grant applications will be subject to an initial assessment to ensure they meet the basic criteria for funding. Grants will be considered by the Trustees at their meetings, and the Trustees will aim to email all applicants informing them of the outcome of their application for funding within three months of the date of the application.
  2. Applicants should note that, as with many other charitable trusts, Fat Beehive Foundation always receives far more applications than it has funds to support. Even if a project fits within the criteria and priorities of the Charity and a detailed assessment has been made, the Charity may still be unable to provide a grant.
  3. The Trustees will not be obliged to provide an explanation to the applicant should their application be unsuccessful.