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Are you a UK registered charity?

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What is your average annual income (in £)?

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Are you seeking funding to improve your digital presence?

Question 4 of 11

Do you have a clear, defined goal for the digital project?

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Question 5 of 11

Can you commit to supporting the project with staff / volunteer time and resources?

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Are you happy to include Funded by the Fat Beehive Foundation on any work funded, in part or full, by the Fat Beehive Foundation for three years from when the project is publicly launched?

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Will work start on the project within three months of being awarded a grant?

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Will the grant be used on a distinct digital project, rather than cover core costs such as staff salaries, training or web hosting?

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Question 9 of 11

Do you agree to our Use of Funds Policy?

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Question 10 of 11

Are the aims of your organisation to promote religion?

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Have you ever worked with Fat Beehive Ltd, or are you planning to do so?

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Your project appears eligible for funding from The Fat Beehive Foundation. On the next page you’ll be asked to complete all the details including things like contact information, aims of your charity, bank and project details, so have them ready.

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